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    Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced

    For extreme whitewater and working at night.

  • About the SRTA Course

    This high level course expands upon previous Technician level training into the realm of extreme whitewater in canyon environments and also covers the added risks associated with working in low visibility or darkness. The curriculum includes the advanced swimming skills required for self rescue and rescue of others from more extreme whitewater, as well as high angle rope rescue skills that enable access to areas like canyons and gorges. The course also covers logistical, communications and safety considerations for operating in moving water in low visibility or darkness. It is demanding, fast-paced, and, well ... advanced.

    Highly recommended for field personnel like engineers, environmental consultants and hydrologists who will gain the confidence and skills necessary to work in these high risk conditions.

  • SRTA Course Outline

    Day 1

    • Classroom Session
    • Size-up, pre-planning and Incident Management
    • Advanced hydrology: Class III+
    • Search techniques
    • Flood management
    • Boat introduction: types, applications, limitations
    • Basic and advanced equipment
    • Low head dam and aqueduct considerations

    Day 2

    • Go rescues, live bait, tethered swims etc.
    • Knots, anchors and mechanical advantage review
    • Belay systems, muenter hitch, tandem triple prusiks, eight plates etc.
    • Anchor systems
    • Compound mechanical advantage
    • Advanced swimming: Class III+
    • Basic paddle boat handling: Class III+
    • Rescue boards

    Day 2 - Night

    • Night Session on the River
    • Night search logistics
    • Night Communications & operations

    Day 3

    • River Session
    • Line crossing techniques, messenger lines etc.
    • High line rope systems, mid point drop
    • Mid-point drop with boat on a tether: Class III+
    • Boat wraps and pins
    • Written examination
    • Debrief
  • SRTA Course Details


    3 days (including one night session)



    Minimum 10. Maximum 12.



    1 day classroom, 2 days on the river (including a night exercise)

    Participants: Minimum 10. Maximum 12.


    Course Fees

    2,788 RMB


    Annual Training Maintenance

    Click here to read about the options available for annual guided practice.



    1,950 RMB (30% off) Required every 3 years.


    • Current SRT 1 certification.
    • 18+ years of age
    • In good physical condition
    • Strong swimming ability in Class II-III water.
    • Minimum Technical Rope Rescue - Fundamentals or equivalent
    • Strongly recommended Technical Rope Rescue - Technician Level (or equivalent)

    Required Equipment

    • Drysuit or wetsuit*
    • Personal flotation device (Type III or V)*
    • Water-sports helmet*
    • Neoprene gloves (optional)
    • Neoprene footwear with a good walking sole or running shoes
    • Flashlight or headlamp
    • Layers of wool or fleece clothing for under the drysuit/wetsuit including shirt, pants, socks

    * Rental equipment available. Please contact us for rental prices.

    Take Aways

    • Rescue 3’s Swiftwater Rescue Technican - Advanced Manual
    • Personalized skill sheet (training record) signed by the Instructor (a valuable document for risk management)
    • Registration of training record in Rescue 3’s international database
    • Wallet card with personal Rescue 3 registration number and date of certification
    • Certificate of Completion


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