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    International Award

    Insight Adventures is proud to prepare and supervise the Adventurous Journey component of the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.

  • What We Do

    We offer Practice and Qualifier Adventurous Journey Expedition and Exploration programmes in locations around China and East Asia as well as providing in-school preliminary training and coaching.

    Preliminary Training

    Preparing For Adventure

    Setting expectations and outlining the nature of the Adventurous Journey through workshops in equipment management, bag packing, navigation, nutrition, first aid and emergency response ensuring participants are competent in the necessary skills to safely undertake their practice journey.

    Practice Journey

    A Rehearsal For Success

    Supporting and supervising students as they perfect their technical skills and practice effective communication techniques and group dynamics in an unfamiliar environment. Practice Expeditions prepare the team for their independent qualifying journey.

    Qualifier Journey

    An Independent Team Challenge

    Either an exploration or an expedition, the qualifier journey provides participants with the opportunity to put what they have learnt into practice as they continue to learn more about the wider environment, develop their self-confidence and improve their health.

  • Adventurous Journey Requirements

    The Adventurous Journey can be an exploration or an expedition, but must be a challenge. The Adventurous Journey provides Participants with the opportunity to learn more about the wider environment, as well as to develop their self-confidence, team work and health. Participants are taken out of their comfort zone through journeying through in an unfamiliar environment but are suitably trained and supervised to remain safe and secure.




    2 Days

    1 Night Hotel + 1 Night Camping

    3 Days

    1 Night Hotel + 2 Nights Camping

    4 Days

    1 Night Hotel + 3 Nights Camping

    6 Hours

    Daily Purposeful Effort

    7 Hours

    Daily Purposeful Effort

    8 Hours

    Daily Purposeful Effort

  • Our International Award Locations

    Northern China



    Bronze & Silver Levels



    Bronze Level

    Hohhot Grassland

    Inner Mongolia

    Silver & Gold Level

  • Eastern China



    Bronze Level



    Bronze & Silver Level



    Bronze & Silver Level

  • Southern & Western China



    Bronze, Silver & Gold Level



    Bronze, Silver & Gold Level

    Lantau Island

    Hong Kong

    Bronze, Silver & Gold Level