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  • Corporate Events

    Bringing your team to the next level.

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    Team Building

    Challenge | Communication | Collaboration

    A team-building event tailored to international companies looking to explore and overcome personal and team barriers through a diverse range of challenges. This programme offers an opportunity for team members to delve into their abilities to communicate, work together and navigate through many different problems to achieve a common goal. Challenges can be tailored to the desired outcomes set by management and their team.

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    Leadership Training

    Management Styles | Relationships | Personalities

    For teams looking to identify their members’ leadership styles, this workshop is designed to test the team’s ability to be mindful of their interactions with their teammates and understand how their leadership styles affect their relationships at work. The activity is focused on highlighting ways participants can overcome communication challenges associated with different personality types in the office and identify if there are any voids that need to be filled.

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    Core Identity

    Vision | Mission | Values

    An interactive, tailor made program for international companies looking to realign their vision and mission with their current management team’s direction. Our corporate facilitator will explore the values set out by all the stakeholders as employees of the company and aid in the refinement of the overarching company core values.