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    Setting The Standard

  • About ICT

    Insight Certified Training provides both internationally recognised and self-assessed bilingual training courses for outdoor professionals, sports enthusiasts, coaches, teachers, parents and students.


    Aiming to develop technical skills and advance the safety level across a range of activities, ICT is setting the standard for the outdoor & recreation industries in Asia.

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    Royal Life Saving Society of WA

    Water Safety & Rescue

  • RLSS Courses

    The leading water safety, swimming and lifesaving education organisation in Australia.

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    Aquatic Rescue Training

    This course will provide participants with skills and knowledge of aquatic safety, rescue and survival skill techniques for supervising students participating in activities both in and around various aquatic environments.

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    Bronze Medallion

    This course will enhance your personal survival skills while providing you with the knowledge and skills to develop the level of judgement, technique and physical ability required to safely carry out water rescues.

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    Wilderness Medical Associates International

    First Aid

  • WMAI Courses

    Practical medical learning for all experience levels.

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    Wilderness First Aid

    A two day course that introduces general medical concepts and basic life support skills for parents, teachers, students and outdoor enthusiasts.

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    Wilderness Advanced First Aid

    A comprehensive five day medical training course designed for wilderness trip leaders venturing into moderately remote and challenging environments.

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    WFR Bridge

    Wilderness First Responder

    An additional four day course for outdoor education professionals, instructors, SAR team members and other who work or play in remote areas.

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    Rescue 3 International

    Water & Rope Rescue

  • R3 Courses

    Providing flood, water, and rope rescue training to individuals and organisations with an emphasis on ways to keep rescuers from becoming victims.

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    Swiftwater Rescue Technician Level 1

    A comprehensive course focusing on safe procedures for entering moving water including hazard assessment, site safety, self rescue and decision making.

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    Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced

    Expands upon previous technician level training into the realm of extreme whitewater in canyon environments.

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    Technical Rope Rescue Technician

    The gold standard to prepare personnel to utilise simple rope systems for moving people and equipment on gentle slopes and steeper cliffs and structures.