• Safeguarding Practices

    We pride ourselves on our exemplary safety record working in the outdoors for over 20 years. Here's why you can remain confident in our ability to look after you during your next adventure.

  • Disease Prevention

    Health and hygiene have always been a big part of our programmes. Here are some of the additional safety measures we're taking in response to the COVID-19 global outbreak.

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    Pre-trip Staff Health Assessments

    14 Day Health Checks On All Staff

    Tracking the health of our staff for 2 weeks prior to arriving on trip helps us to not only ensure their safety but also that of our participants.

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    Pre-trip Student Health Forms

    14 Health Checks For Students

    Working with schools and our other partner organisations to assess the health status of participants before they come on trip.

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    Pre-trip Equipment Sterilisation

    Additional Gear Cleaning

    Although our facilities and equipment are cleaned regularly, we're taking additional measures to sterilise gear.

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    Food & Meal Safety Management Plan

    New SOPs For Prepping & Serving Meals

    Additional serving utensils, fewer participants per table, and more individual meals are just some changes we've made to meal-safety.

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    Daily Health Assessments & Record

    Monitoring Everyone's Daily Health

    Morning, mid-day and evening temperature checks, for all staff and participants as well as mandatory self-assessment forms daily.

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    Additional Hygiene Stations & Workshops

    Keeping Safe During & After Trip

    We now include fun and informative hygiene workshops at the beginning of every trip as well as adding hand washing games and activities.

  • Disease Response Plan

    A comprehensive document serving as a guideline for staff in the event of the emergence of an infectious disease, specifically SARS-CoV-2, commonly known as COVID-19 or simply coronavirus.Click here for the full document.


    Early Detection

    Understanding the signs and symptoms in advance.



    The ability to protect others and control contagion.



    Getting people to where they need to go safely.



    The effective assessment of how to proceed.

  • Staff Selection & Screening

    Safety on the ground begins with having the right people for the job.

    Background & Police Checks

    We know the people we hire will reflect our values as an organisation striving to make positive changes to the lives of the thousands of people we work with.

    Diversity & Opportunity

    Providing a vibrant and multi-cultural community that offers both personal and professional development opportunities ensures people want to stay with us long-term.

    Full-time Core Team

    A passionate and dedicated management group with more than 50 years of combined experience keeps us improving both your programmes with us year after year.

    Participant : Facilitator Ratios

    Some activities require extra eyes, ears and hands to ensure students are well looked after. We enforce strict ratios between 1:3 and 1:15 depending on the activity, conditions and student abilities.

  • Internal & Certified Training

    Providing our staff with the essential knowledge and skills to ensure your safety in the outdoors.

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    Child Protection

    A full-day internal course based on industry standards, tailored to international schools in Asia.

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    Wilderness First Aid

    A range of internationally accredited courses that provide advanced emergency training.

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    Water Safety

    Aquatic Rescue

    China's first Royal Lifesaving Society course focussing on incident prevention & rescue.

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    Leave No Trace

    Ensuring the appreciation for and protection of our natural world by limiting environmental impact.

  • Risk Assessment & Management

    Documentation, procedures and systems to identify and control potential and perceived risks.

    Site Specific Docs

    Rather than overall location risk assessments, we break the world into individual sites to ensure there are never any surprises.

    Safety Reports

    Regular reports that continually examine our own practices as well as those of our partners and suppliers.

    Incident Reporting System

    A thorough and easily accessed online system for recording the circumstances and details of any incidents or near-misses.


    Detailed documents outlining our standard operation procedures for activity facilitation and emergency response.

    Dedicated Safety Personnel

    Full-time staff to manage companywide systems and processes ensures accountability and confidence in our practices.

    Regular Updates

    Keeping up with the fast pace of change we see in Asia, documentation grows with the world around us. 

  • Travel Insurance

    All Insight Adventures programmes include comprehensive travel insurance for each and every participant. In the unlikely case of needing to visit a medical facility during a programme, Insight and our highly trained staff will take care of everything from start to finish.