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    Swiftwater Rescue Technician Level 1

    For field personnel who work in moving water.

  • About the SRT1 Course

    This comprehensive swiftwater course focuses on the safe work procedures that personnel should follow if they must enter moving water in the course of their work. The curriculum emphasizes hazard assessment, site safety, self rescue, and a range of options for rescuing others, as well as the decision-making process required to chose the most appropriate rescue approach. This course is also highly recommended for anyone who operates a boat in moving water, and will prepare them to deal with a capsize.

  • SRT1 Course Outline

    Day 1

    • Classroom Session
    • Rescue 3’s philosophy
    • Swiftwater dynamics
    • Personal equipment
    • Risk management
    • Drowning and medical conditions related to swiftwater
    • Introduction to ropes, knots and gear
    • Dryland rope work

    Day 2

    • River Session
    • A review of key concepts
    • Site safety assessment
    • Basic river signals
    • Throw bagging
    • Shallow water crossings
    • Swimming skills
    • Hazard avoidance
    • Swimming rescues
    • Rope work

    Day 3

    • River Session
    • Review of key concepts
    • Site safety assessment
    • Tension diagonals
    • Swiftwater rescue scenario
    • Written examination
    • Debrief
  • SRT1 Course Details


    3 days



    1 day classroom, 2 days on the river



    Minimum 10. Maximum 12.


    Course Fees

    2,788 RMB


    Annual Training Maintenance

    Click here to read about the options available for annual guided practice.



    1,950 RMB (30% off) Required every 3 years.


    • 18+ years of age
    • Basic swimming ability
    • In good physical condition


    Required Equipment

    • Drysuit or wetsuit*
    • Personal flotation device (Type III or V)*
    • Water-sports helmet*
    • Neoprene gloves (optional)
    • Neoprene footwear with a good walking sole or running shoes
    • Layers of wool or fleece clothing for under the drysuit/wetsuit including shirt, pants, socks

    * Rental equipment available. Please contact us for rental prices.

    Take Aways

    • Rescue 3’s Swiftwater Rescue Technician - Level One manual
    • Personalized skill sheet (training record) signed by the instructor (valuable document for risk management)
    • Registration of training record in Rescue 3’s international database
    • Wallet card with personal Rescue 3 registration number and date of certification
    • Certificate of Completion
    • Rescue 3 ID Card

    Additional Resourses