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    Welcome to the participant registration and payment page for Insight Adventures' Inner Mongolia Leadership Expedition. Please see below for more information about the actual programme.


    This registration form should be filled out by a parent or guardian in either English or Chinese (please no pinyin). Any information needs to be correct according to the child's official identification or travel documents.


    The sign-up process consists of the following steps and should only take around 5 minutes to complete.

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  • Inner Mongolia Leadership Expedition

    July 26th - August 1st 2020

    Open to students 14 years and older, this challenging course focussed on engaging young adults in challenging situations, encouraging them to reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses as a leader.

  • Programme Information

    Insight Adventures' personal development camps draw on our years of experience organising adventure learning, cultural immersion and expedition style programmes, to teach young people in areas not necessarily covered during classroom learning.


    This 7 day 6 night camp programme, open to students aged 14 to 17, focusses on engaging young adults in challenging situations, encouraging them to reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses as a leader.


    With 24 hour supervision and care by Insight Adventures' trained facilitators, all meals, activities, accommodation, transportation and insurance included for the duration of the programme. Students will be responsible for carrying their own food, water and equipment as they hike and camp for the entire 7 day programme.


    The programme will take place in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, near Hohhot city. Students will fly to and from Hohhot either with our organised group flight from Shanghai or on their own.


    Flights are booked separately from this registration. The programme fees do not include flights.


    As this is a leadership expedition rather than an activity camp, the programme is comprised of daily hiking and workshopping with our trained outdoor leadership instructors.


    Workshops & Discussion Topics
    • First Aid Workshop
    • Outdoor Hygiene
    • Leave No Trace Course
    • Leadership
    • Effective Communication
    • Conflict Resolution
    • SMART Goals
    • Time Management
    • Resilience
    • Collaboration
    Other Outcomes
    • Establishing a habit of daily reflective journalling
    • Time away from phones, TV screens, school teachers and parents
    • The opportunity to meet other students in a fun, safe and non-competitive environment

  • Daily Itinerary

    With the exception of the first and last, each programme day of the expedition has the same basic structure and routine, a lot of which will be up to their own discretion. In other words, students are responsible for their own daily plan.

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    Self-cooked Meals

    Self Sufficient

    Using the knowledge learnt through on-trip nutrition and camp hygiene workshops, students will cook their own meals each day from the ingredients we provide for them.

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    Finding Their Own Way

    With daily goals and checkpoints, students will rely on themselves and each other to use a map and compass to get from A to B each day.

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    Travelling As A Team

    Trekking as a group, students will be responsible for carrying all of their own food, water and equipment with each member of the team sharing the load.

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    Sleeping Under The Stars

    Each night will be spent camping in tents in designated wild campsites. With limited facilities nearby, participants will learn a lot about the things in life they may often take for granted.

  • Camp Dates

    This camp programme will take place July 26th - August 1st 2020. There are two group designations based on how students will arrive to Hohhot. Insight will arrange a flight with accompanying staff members from Shanghai, however students coming from other cities or who prefer to take a different flight are welcome to meet the group in Hohhot.

    Flying With Insight

    Group A

    Flying Separately

    Group B

  • Pricing, Refunds & Cancellations

    The fees for one student are 8,880 RMB for the 7 day / 6 night expedition.


    If the programme needs to be cancelled due to changes of government policies in relation to COVID-19 or for any other reason out of anyone's control, all programmes will be refunded 100% in full. If you need to cancel your son or daughter's registration for any reason, we will be happy to refund you according to the following policy:

    • More than or equal to 10 days prior to trip commencement: full refund minus 5% processing fee
    • Less than 10 days and more than 2 days prior to trip commencement: 50% refund
    • Less than or equal to 2 days prior to trip commencement: No refund

    Please contact our customer service team if you would like to discuss changes to your registration.

  • Other Important QR Codes & Contacts

    Have a question about one of our camps? Want to join multiple programmes? Follow our official WeChat account and message us directly or email us via camps@insight-adventures.com

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    You can also contact one of our sales people by personal WeChat:

    English: chris_garrick (Chris)

    Chinese: sisi_cls_tt (Sisi)

  • Inner Mongolia Summary

    • July 26th - August 1st 2020
    • 7 day / 6 night camping expedition
    • 24 hour supervision and care by Insight Adventures' trained facilitators
    • All meals, activities, accommodation, land transportation and insurance
    • Suitable for all children ages 14 -17
    • Insight accompanied flight from Shanghai (TBA)
    • Students can choose to fly separately and meet us in Hohhot airport
    • 8,880 RMB / person (minus possible 200 RMB Early Bird Discount)
    • Flight tickets are not included

    Flying With Insight

    Group A

    Flying Separately

    Group B

  • FAQ

    Why should I send my son or daughter on a summer programme?
    Simply put, after what we've all been through over the past few months, most kids need to get out of the house, start being active and begin socialising again.


    I've seen a lot of summer programmes advertised, why should I choose Insight Adventures?
    We've been providing outdoor programmes for international schools in China (most likely including your school) for over 20 years and we know what we're doing.


    What is Insight's response to the COVID situation?

    Health and hygiene have always been a big part of our programmes so we didn't need to make too many changes to the way we do things.


    Some key new safety measures include:

    • Pre-arrival health assessments for staff & students
    • Dedicated hygiene workshops & additional hygiene stations 
    • Daily health check-ups for everyone on and around the programme 
    • A comprehensive response plan in case of signs and symptoms of an infectious disease

    The programme sounds fun, but what will my child actually learn on this programme?
    All of our programmes focus on a few key areas; safe outdoor fun, physical challenge, mental health & wellbeing, social and emotional growth. Students will also learn skills in a range of new outdoor activities.


    What should my child bring on camp?

    We'll send you a comprehensive packing list to get your son or daughter excited about getting out on camp.


    What other programmes are available?

    This year Insight Adventures is running summer camp programmes in three locations around China. Scan the QR code below or click the "More Events" button at the top of the page.


    Can parents come too?
    Although we're sure you'd have a great time, our programmes are all about getting your kids learning, growing and expressing themselves with other students their own age. So all of our programmes are 100% parent free zones.

  • Other Camp Programmes

    Be sure to check out our other programmes taking place this summer, including a summer camp on Shanghai's Changxing Island as well as a health & wellbeing camp in Yuyao, Zhejiang province (near Ningbo).

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