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    Technical Ropes Rescue Technician

    High angle skills on vertical.

  • About the TRRT Course

    This course is the gold standard to prepare personnel to utilise simple rope systems for moving people and equipment on gentle slopes and steeper cliffs and structures. The curriculum also includes patient rescue, packaging and extrication.

    The skills and knowledge covered in this course are relevant for all other technical rescue disciplines including swiftwater, surface ice, confined space, trench, cave and light structural collapse.


    This course meets and exceeds NFPA 1670 Technician standards, as well as NFPA 1006 Chapter 6 Level 1 and 2 Rope Rescue standards.

  • TRRT Course Outline

    Day 1

    • Registration
    • Rope rescue safety & training
    • Rescue philosophy
    • Rope rescue problems and systems applications
    • Equipment (current, specialized, new, and experimental)
    • Structure problems
    • Helicopters in the rope rescue environment
    • Ropes & knots
    • Iintroduction to rope systems and anchors

    Day 2

    • Low angle rescues - scene assessment, incident command & anchoring
    • Traffic, assisting ambulatory victims 
    • Mechanical advantage systems
    • Low angle rescues - raising and lowering systems
    • Tripods and “A” frames
    • Moderate to steep angle litter evacuation systems


    Day 3

    • Rappelling & ascending.
    • Vertical raising and lowering
    • llitter systems
    • Vertical raising and lowering litter systems with attendant
    • High angle system

    Day 4

    • Passing a knot through a lowering and raising system
    • Introduction and overview of highline systems

    Day 3


    • set up of a high angle rescue scenario using equipment and skills learned
    • Mock rescue in the high angle environment
    • General review
    • Testing of skills
    • Diplomas
  • TRRT Course Details


    5 days (40 hours)



    1 day classroom, 4 days outdoors (both structural and natural terrain)



    Minimum 10. Maximum 12.


    Course Fees

    4,580 RMB


    Annual Training Maintenance

    Click here to read about the options available for annual guided practice.



    1,950 RMB (30% off) Required every 3 years.


    • 18+ years of age
    • In good physical condition

    Required Equipment


    • Full body harness (Type III or V) (included in course fee)
    • Climbing or rescue helmet (included in course fee)
    • Sturdy boots (tactical boots or hiking boots are fine, steel toes not required)
    • Pants made of durable material
    • Gloves with leather palms (work gloves are fine)

    Take Aways

    • Rescue 3’s Technical Rope Rescue - Technician Level Manual
    • Conterra Field Guide
    • One 10mpiece of cord for prussiks
    • Personalized skill sheet (training record) signed by the instructor (valuable document for risk management)
    • Registration of training record in Rescue 3 International's database
    • Wallet card with personal Rescue 3 registration number and date of certification
    • Certificate of Completion
    • Rescue 3 ID Card

    Additional Resourses