• Baotou, Inner Mongolia

    The Pristine Engebei Desert

  • Highlight Activities

    Camel Riding

    Sand Sliding

    Survival Skills


    Tree Planting

    Desert Camping


    Camp Cooking

    Star Gazing

    Local Museum

  • Location Information

    Baotou is the gateway to Inner Mongolia’s vast desert. Only a short drive from this large industrial city lies an endless sea of golden sand and the perfect place for an adventure. Inner Mongolia is the widest province in China and one of the most sparsely populated. Due to the fascinating terrain and strong cultural identities of the population, Inner Mongolia is one of our most eye opening programmes.

    3-4 Nights

    Programmes Lengths

    4 Nights

    Ideal Trip Length

    80 People

    Maximum Group Size

    2-4 Groups

    Ideal Group Numbers


    Total Availability


    Ideal Season

    8-18 Years

    Possible Age Range

    Grades 8-9

    Ideal Age

    1.5 Hours

    Flight From Beijing

    3 Hours

    Flight From Shanghai

    5 Hours

    Bus From Hohhot

    12 Hours

    Train From Beijing

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