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  • Our Amazing Journey

    Originally established as a small rock climbing club in 1999, "China Climb" later merged with Shanghai travel agency InSight China and Sanya based adventure tour operator Hainan Adventures to form Insight Adventures in 2010.


    Thanks to the support of the community around us, as well as hundreds of passionate, loyal & truly inspiring people from all over the country & around the world, Insight has grown from humble beginnings to become mainland China's largest adventure education & experiential learning operator.

  • A guide for living, not just working.

    Our Values

  • The Insight SPICES


    The desire for new discoveries, the courage to challenge yourself and the need for freedom.



    The intense excitement and enthusiasm to follow your dreams.



    Being truthful, sincere and reliable, both professionally and personally.



    To embrace different customs, languages and ideas, through curiosity and acceptance.



    To constantly strive for the highest level of quality through clarity, focus and diligence.



    The cooperation with and support of the community, partnership organisations and the environment.

  • Not Just Pretty Faces

    Meet the Insight management team!

    Sherry Sun

    General Manager

    Steff Lohrmann

    Vice General Manager

    Chris Garrick

    Sales & Marketing Director

    Vivian Luo

    Operations Director

    Leo Wu

    HR Manager


    ICT Manager

    Alex Lithgow

    Training Manager

  • FAQ's

    Here are some common questions we get asked when arranging fun, meaningful, and safe outdoor experiences for thousands

    How long have you been working with children in the outdoors?

    We've been around doing outdoor adventures since 1999 and have had more than fifteen years of experience working directly with China's biggest and best international schools.

    Are you an officially registered Chinese company?

    Yep, Insight Adventures is an official travel agency with a registered office in Shanghai operating under the Chinese business name 上海唯联国际旅行社有限公司. Click here for a copy of our business licence.

    Where are you staff from and what makes them qualified to look after my kids?

    We have staff from all over the world! With an established guide screening, selection and training programme, not only do we only employ the best people possible, but we also train them to to meet international standards.

    What about insurance for activities in case something goes wrong?

    All of our camp instructors have advanced wilderness medical certificates and are well trained to deal with any emergency situation. Every student who registers for a programme is covered under Chartis Group Travel Accident Insurance. Click here for a copy of the policy.

    Why send my kids to do outdoor activities?

    Quite simply, outdoor education has proven to benefit the development of well rounded young adults through teaching them about themselves, others and the world around them in ways that parents, peers and the traditional education system can't.

    Do you have a strict restriction on the age of participants? What if my child is one year older or younger?

    While our age limits are more guidelines than rules, our programmes are created to suit a certain age group, and if your child is outside this age bracket, the programme is most likely to be less suitable.

    What should I prepare for this trip?

    Recommended packing lists for each location are sent out to parents directly well in advance of a trip.

    Can my child bring their mobile phone, iPad, laptop, etc?

    Insight's outdoor programmes are an opportunity for your child to interact with other students in the real world. Although we leave the official stance on technology up to the school, phones are not allowed during the day whilst they are doing activities, and again after “lights out” to ensure everyone is paying attention, and getting a good night rest.


    Ipads, laptops and other electronics are not permitted on camp.

    How much pocket money should I prepare for my child?

    Most Insight programmes are all inclusive, which means that your son or daughter will never need to spend any money. However, if you do want to give you child cash, please limit it to only 200 yuan.

    Do you have any activities after dinner? If so, until what time?

    Evening activities are usually team challenges and reflection activities that run no later than 9pm.

    May I have some more background information about the instructors for this camp?

    Insight Adventures has more than 50 instructors from all over the world who have been selected according to their backgrounds, education & training, and adhere to a strict set of company values. For more information about our staff, hiring criteria and training process please contact hr@insight-adventures.com


    For their own privacy we do not give out personal details of our staff.

    How may kids will be in one group?

    Groups normally have around 15-18 students.

    How many kids will be accommodated in one room?

    All students will stay in twin share or triple share rooms.

    What is the ratio of facilitators to participant?

    Adult to child ratios depend entirely on the specific activities on the programme however are normally around 1:5.

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